Volume 3, 2021

Design of Mars Rover-Copter System
Ahmed A. Alkhulaifi, Khadija B. Naseeb, Alia A. Alshamsi, Wasim F. Hamad, Mohamed K. Almuhairi, Mohammed Alavi, Sharul Sham Dol
Pages 97-109

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A New Model for Location-Allocation Problem Based on Sectorization
Aydin Teymourifar, Ana Maria Rodrigues, José Soeiro Ferreira
Pages 92-96

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Teaching Electrical Circuits Through the Virtual Lab
Lely A. Luengas-C., Luis Felipe Wanumen, Gloria Andrea Cavanzo
Pages 81-91

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Changes in New Private Law of the Czech Republic and Implementation of Basel III
Jindřiška Šedová
Pages 75-80

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Techno-Economic Analysis of Amine Sweetening Units in Refinery and Petrochemical Plants
Erhan Ozsagiroglu, Mehtap Dursun
Pages 64-74

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Use of Balanced Scorecard Procedure in an Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Firm
Hatice Beyza Ozkan, Mehtap Dursun
Pages 58-63

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Performance Analysis of 5G for Low Latency Transmission Based on Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier Technique and Interleave Division Multiple Access
A. Asgharzadeh, M. Maroufi
Pages 52-57

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Impact of Gate Insulation Material and Thickness on Pocket Implanted MOS Device
Muhibul Haque Bhuyan
Pages 43-51

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Covid Image Classification using Wavelet Feature Vectors and NN
Stella Vetova
Pages 38-42

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Facial Expression Phoenix FePh An Annotated Sequenced Dataset for Facial and Emotion Specified Expressions in Sign Language
Marie Alaghband, Niloofar Yousefi, Ivan Garibay
Pages 30-37

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Determining Optimum Time Multiplier Setting of Overcurrent Relays Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming
P. N. Korde, P. P. Bedekar
Pages 24-29

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Post-Industrial Redevelopment Site Design Reclamation in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
Zhixiang Zhang, Jon Bryan Burley, Trisha Machemer, Rex L. LaMore
Pages 6-23

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Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Effectsin Multilayer Graphene Metasurfacesin Terahertz and Infrared Ranges
A.M. Lerer, V. V. Cherepanov, G. S. Makeeva
Pages 1-5

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Volume 2, 2020

Lainiotis Information Filter
Nicholas Assimakis, Maria Adam, Grigorios Tziallas
Pages 270-273

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High-Efficiency Doherty Power Amplifier Based on an Asymmetric Structure
Bin Wang, Jiang Teng, Xin Zhang, Dong Su and Wei Luo
Pages 264-269

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Ocean Wireless Sensor Network Location Method Based on Gradient Boosting Decision Tree
Liqun Liu, Bing Xu
Pages 258-263

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A new computation technique of constructing confidence intervals of shortest length and equal tails under parametric uncertainty
Nicholas A. Nechval, Gundars Berzins, Konstantin N. Nechval
Pages 250-257

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Dielectric Permittivity and Conductivity in Cd1−xFexTe Semimagnetic Semiconductors
M.A. Mehrabova, H.R. Nuriyev, T.I. Kerimova, N.H. Hasanov, A.A. Abdullayeva, R.M. Sadigov
Pages 246-248

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An ANN Aproach for the Motion Planning of Redundant Manipulators
Rene V. Mayorga, Tanaporn Chayangkul Na Aduthaya
Pages 227-233

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Regular Papers

Computational Method to Verify Static Alignment of Transtibial Prosthesis
Esperanza Camargo, Enrique Garzon, Lely A. Luengas-C
Pages 171-174

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Notes About the Linear Complexity of Cyclotomic Binary Sequences of Order Four Over a Finite Field of Odd Characteristic
Vladimir Edemskiy, Nikita Sokolovskii
Pages 167-170

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Analysis on Security Vulnerabilities of Medical Wearable Devices (Fitness Trackers)
Mohammed Saleh, Issam T. Hamdan
Pages 162-166

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Performance Improvement of an Optical Inter-Satellite Link over Low Earth Orbit
Mohamed I. Shehata, Asmaa Zaki M., Heba A. Fayed, Ahmed Abd El Aziz, Moustafa H. Aly
Pages 155-161

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Evaluation of R&D Projects Using Fuzzy MCDM Method
Melike Kilic, Mehtap Dursun, Nazli Goker
Pages 150-154

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Possibilities for Improving the Quality of Cyber Security Education through Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods
Roumen Trifonov, Georgi Tsochev, Ognian Nakov, Galya Pavlova, Slavcho Manolov
Pages 145-149

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Bayes Estimation for the Parameter 𝜽 of Burr Type XII Distribution
Haziem M. Hazaimeh
Pages 139-144

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Weld Defect Radiographic Image Segmentation with Finite Mixture Model (FMM)
Zahia Guezoui, Aicha Baya Goumeidane, Nafaa Nacereddine
Pages 134-138

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Optimal Identifying Codes in Oriented Paths and Circuits
Ahmed Semri, Hillal Touati
Pages 128-133

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The Current and Magnetic Field Distribution Generated by Direct Lightning Strikes on Buildings Using FEM Analysis
Hitoshi Kijima
Pages 120-127

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Numerical Simulation of the Turbulent Two-Phase Jet
Ivan V. Kazachkov
Pages 107-119

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An Analysis of an Input Impedance of a Regulated Cascode Cross Couple Power Amplifier
Kittipong Tripetch
Pages 100-106

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A Cognitive Mapping Approach for Evaluation of Success Indicators of IT Transformation Project
Nazli Goker, Mehtap Dursun, Elif Dogu
Pages 96-99

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Invariants for a System of Two Linear Hyperbolic Equations by Complex Methods
A. Aslam, F. M. Mahomed, A. Qadir, M. Safdar
Pages 86-95

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Review of the involvement of the Duo Observation- Modeling in Advanced Theoretical and Societal Concepts
Adel Razek
Pages 82-85

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An Improved Graph based Rules Mining Technique from Text
Wael Ahmad Alzoubi
Pages 76-81

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Verification of Collatz Conjecture: An Algorithmic Approach
M. Venkatesulu And C. Devi Parameswari
Pages 71-75

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About Solutions of Some Nonlinear Singular Model Problems Taking Into Account Functional Initial Conditions and Extreme Regime
Muhammadyusuf Yunusi
Pages 63-70

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The Characteristic of Tuvan Short-Fat Tailed Sheep(Ovis aries) Populations by GDF9 Gene Polymorphism
Ksenia A. Kulikova, Yusupjan A. Yuldashbaev, Maria I. Dongak, Salaudi A. Khatataev
Pages 58-62

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Critical Review of Climate Change Induced Migration: an Emerging Challenge for Contemporary Society
Ahmad Wali Ahmad Yar, Stavros Lazarou, Vasiliki Vita, Lambros Ekonomou
Pages 47-57

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PA FIS Approach to Prioritize Risks in a Chemical Industry
Salini Mettu, Rene V. Mayorga, Wei Peng
Pages 39-46

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Performance Evaluation in Retail Sector
Ali Emre Ates, Mehtap Dursun, Nazli Goker
Pages 34-38

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Simulation of the Electrical Parameters of Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Ourida Ourahmoun
Pages 29-33

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Multiple-Valued and Branching Neural Networks
Alexander Makarenko
Pages 20-28

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Fuzzy Cognitive Map Methodology For Evaluating Material Selection Criteria
Mehtap Dursun, Nazli Goker
Pages 15-19

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Temperature Distributions in a Parallel Flat Plate Microchannel with Electroosmotic and Magnetohydrodynamic Micropumps
Juan Pablo Escandona, Fernando Santiagob, Oscar Bautista
Pages 10-14

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Electrokinetically-driven Viscoelastic Fluid Flow in a Microchannel with Hydrodynamic Slipwalls
Oscar Bautista, Andres Matias, Jose Arcos, Pablo Escandon
Pages 1-9

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Volume 1, 2019

Omni: Data Science Platform for Evaluate Performance of a LoRaWAN Network
Emanuele A. Solagna, Ricardo S, Tozetto, Roberto dos S. Rabello
Pages 155-159

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Thermal, Structural, Morphological and Dielectric Studies of Sol Gel Derived Codoped SrTiO3-δ
Ramanjeet Kaur, Anand Kumar Tyagi
Pages 138-154

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A Novel Approach for Patient Anatomized Authentication scheme using Smart Card in Telecare Medical Information System
Chintan Patel, Nishant Doshi
Pages 131-137

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Consumption temporary density for the detection of water leakages in real-time
Anissa Ticherahine, Soumia Bourebia, Abdenacer Makhlouf, Patrice Wira
Pages 125-130

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Quantitation of human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase (hTERT ) level in normospermic man using ELISA method
Rini Puspitaningrum, Zahra Muthmainnah, Adiati Bintari Ayuningtias, and Shyfa F. Ruyani
Pages 121-124

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The Producing functionals in solutions of some extreme problems connected with heat conduction and Navier-Stokes equations and some others processes
Muhammadyusuf Yunusi
Pages 116-120

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The Software Model of the "Speedy O Brain" Neuro-Feedback Videogame
Luigi Bianchi
Pages 109-115

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IKM-NCS: A Novel Clustering Scheme Based on Improved K-Means Algorithm
Weipeng Wang, Shanshan TU and Xinyi Huang
Pages 103-108

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A Compact Gradient Based Neural Network for Capon Spectral Estimation
Abderrazak Benchabane, Fella Charif
Pages 97-102

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Tetrolet Local Directional Pattern and Optimization-driven 2D-HMM for Face Recognition
Mahendra Singh Meena, Priti Singh, and Ajay Rana
Pages 90-96

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Systematic and robust air cleanser for cleaning a pollution caused by the Rocket Stove
Aashish Umakant Gandigude, Madhva V. Nagarhallib
Pages 73-89

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Analytical approach to a three species food chain model by applying Homotopy perturbation method
T. Vijayalakshmi, R. Senthamarai
Pages 64-72

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Empirical investigation of noise reduction filter for a flow-based spirometer accuracy improvement
Hamed Bagheri, Mahdi Sajjadi, Ramin Chimeraad
Pages 58-63

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Design of high speed VLSI Architecture for FIR filter using FPPE
Tintu Mary John, Shanty chacko
Pages 51-57

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Computer Simulation of the Influence of Wind Power Plants on The Compartments of The Complex Landscape System by The Method of Life Cycle Assessment
Mariia Ruda, Taras Boyko, Camillo La Mesa
Pages 34-50

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A Review on Charging Strategies of Plug-in Electric Vehicles
Claude Ziad El-Bayeh
Pages 9-33

Download PDF
Robust Fuzzy Controller Design with Decay Rate for Nonlinear Perturbed Singular Systems
Wen-Jer Chang, Che-Lun Su and Cheung-Chieh Ku
Pages 4-8

Download PDF
Kinetic equation for electrons in polycrystalline metal
Lam Thi Nhung, Alexander Yushkanov
Pages 1-3

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